At the heart of it all, what matters most is:
Who has touched our lives and
Whose lives we've touched.

Touching Souls Photography, supporting parents whose babies or children die, relies entirely on donations and gifts from individuals and organizations. Donated dollars are used to support direct expenses for the photographs made for families. Photographs taken during this precious time with parents and family become valuable mementos, serving as a gentle link to memories and feelings about their beloved child. The collection of photographs, presented reverently in an album at no charge to the family, is theirs to keep. The expense for this supportive service is approximately $750 per family.

Touching Souls Photography is available to any family at no cost to them. Any gift amount is welcome and will help to provide this gift of photographs for a family at a time of great need. There are three fund options.

Make a donation now to support families throughout Chicago and suburbs.

To make a donation online click on the link above. Not tax-deductible at this time.
Or send a check by mail payable to:

Touching Souls Photography
PO Box 5511
Evanston, IL

To make a tax-deductible contribution to support families at Advocate Hospitals only, go to the following link and click on 'Make a Gift Online' or 'Send a Gift by Mail'. It is important to mention Bereavement Photography Fund #0657 so that your donation is applied correctly:

For more info email
or call toll free 888-818-8908



All photographs copyright © Todd Hochberg